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Types of Chinese Charms

These are examples of the various categories of Chinese charms. For additional images and information, please click on the appropriate title.

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Zodiac Charms
Example of
              Zodiac charm
Good Luck Charms
Example of
              good luck charm
Gourd Charms
Example of
              gourd charm
Eight Treasure Charms
Example of
              eight treasures charm

Liu Hai and Golden Toad Charms
Example of
              Liu Hai and Golden Toad charm

Bagua or Eight Trigram Charms
Example of
              Bagua charm

Open Work Charms
Example of
              Open Work Charm

24 Character Charms
Example of 24
              character charm

Chinese Chess Pieces
Example of
              Chinese chess piece

No Character Charms
Example of no
              character charm

Spade Charms
Spade spaped

Lock Charms
Old Chinese
              lock charm
Five Poison Charms

Example of
                five poison charm

Horse Coins

Example of
              horse coin

Fish Charms

Example of
              fish charm
Peach Charms
Old Chinese
              peach charm

Peace Charms

Old Chinese
              peace charm

  Coins with Charm Features

Chinese coin
              with charm features

Ancient Coins with Charm Symbols

              Chinese coin with swastika

Marriage Charms

              Chinese marriage charm

Pendant Charms
Old Chinese
              charm meant to be worn as necklace

Confucian Charms

Old Chinese
              Confucian charm

Men Plow, Women Weave

Old Chinese
              charm related to rice and silkworm production

Daoist (Taoist) Charms

Old Daoist
              (Taoist) charm

Unknown Charms

              erotic charm

Chinese Tokens

Old Chinese

Charms with Coin Inscriptions

                Dynasty charm with coin inscription

Poem Coins

                Kangxi Poem Coin

Buddhist Charms

              Buddhist temple coin

Boy Charms

                charm with boy on top

Bamboo Tallies


Astronomy Coins

              Astronomy Coin

Money Trees

Chinese Money

House Charms

Statue of
                Han Zhongli

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                Chinese Football Charm

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