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December 2011

“Four Happinesses” Window

“Four Happinesses” Window thumbnail

A 200-year-old carved wooden window, described as a rare and exquisite treasure, was recently discovered in a small village flea market in China’s southwest Yunnan Province, according to an article in the Kunming Daily (昆明日报). Mr. Yang Anning (杨安宁), a well-known expert in ancient Chinese architecture, described the well-preserved window as a “cultural heritage gem” [...]


Chinese Treasure Bowl Charm

Chinese Treasure Bowl Charm thumbnail

Since ancient times, there have been stories of a magical “treasure bowl” (ju bao pen 聚宝盆) that can create unlimited riches, and sometimes great sorrow, for its owner. While the actual treasure bowl remains to be found, its image has became a popular symbol of good fortune. At the left is an old Chinese “hanging” [...]