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August 2015

A Thousand Coins Discovered at Cishi Pagoda

A Thousand Coins Discovered at Cishi Pagoda thumbnail

More than a thousand Tang and Song dynasty coins have been discovered during the restoration of the Cishi Pagoda (cishi ta 慈氏塔) located in Yueyang (岳阳), Hunan Province (湖南省), according to an article in the Yueyang Daily (岳阳日报) dated August 21, 2015. The Cishi Pagoda is a seven-story, eight-sided (octagonal) brick pagoda 39 meters (128 [...]

Four Wadokaichin Coins Discovered Under East Pagoda of Yakushi-ji Temple thumbnail

Four Japanese Wadokaichin (和同開珎) coins dating from the eighth century have been discovered at the base of Japan’s National Treasure “Toto”, the East Pagoda (東塔 Tō-tō) of the Yakushi-ji Temple (薬師寺) located in Nara, according to a news report by The Mainichi dated August 18, 2015. The Yakushi-ji Temple is currently being dismantled as part [...]


“Dragon Soaring and Phoenix Dancing” Charm

“Dragon Soaring and Phoenix Dancing” Charm thumbnail

Wang Bo (王勃) was a Tang dynasty poet and is considered one of the Four Paragons of the Early Tang (初唐四杰). His masterpiece is the Preface to the Prince of Teng’s Pavilion (tengwang ge xu 滕王阁序) which describes the scene at a grand banquet he attended at the Pavilion of Prince Teng. The Pavilion of [...]