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August 2012

Largest Cache of Ancient Coins Unearthed in Xinjiang Province thumbnail

The largest cache of ancient coins ever discovered in China’s western Xinjiang Province has been unearthed in Kucha (库车), the ancient capital of the Qiuci Kingdom (龟兹), according to a recent article published in the Chinese press. Mr. Chen Wei (陈伟), the Vice Bureau Chief of the Kucha Prefecture Bureau of Cultural Relics, revealed that [...]


Smallest Chinese Coin in History Unearthed

According to a televised report by China Central Television (CCTV 中国中央电视台) on August 18, 2012, what may be the smallest Chinese coin ever discovered has been unearthed in Zaozhuang (枣庄), a city in China’s eastern province of Shandong (山东省). The coin is described as being paper-thin with a rough edge and no larger than a [...]