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December 2012

Zheng Lu Bridge Tokens

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Various forms of non-governmental currencies began to appear in the Changzhou (常州) area of Jiangsu Province (江苏省) during the early years (1939-1941) of the Japanese invasion and occupation of China (zhongguo kangri zhanzheng 中国抗日战争). These currencies were issued by various stores and individuals and only circulated in a very limited area.  They took the form [...]

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Three Hole Spades

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On November 25, 2012, a very rare coin from the Warring States period  (475-221 BC) was sold at auction by the Beijing ChengXuan Auctions Co., Ltd (北京诚轩拍卖有限公司). The coin sold for US$591,000 (RMB 3,680,000) which set a new world record for an ancient Chinese coin. The coin, shown at the left, is known as a [...]