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June 2015

12,000 Song Dynasty Iron Coins Unearthed in Shanxi Province thumbnail

More than 12,000 iron coins dating from the Northern Song (北宋 959-1126) have been recovered from ruins located in Shanxi Province (山西省) following 20 months of excavation and research, according to a report by the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology (山西省考古研究所) published January 26, 2015 by the Shanxi News Network (山西新闻网). The archaeological site, situated [...]


Legacy of an Untarnished Reputation

Legacy of an Untarnished Reputation thumbnail

China has historically admired government officials who displayed the highest degree of learning and moral integrity in their work. At the left is a charm which honors such an official. The inscription, written in a particular style of seal script to be discussed later, reads qing bai chuan jia (清白传家) which translates as “pureness handed [...]


Vault Protector Coins

Vault Protector Coins thumbnail

On special occasions in ancient times, Chinese mints would cast an unusually large, thick, heavy and well-made coin. The coin was known as a “vault protector” (zhen ku qian 镇库钱). The coin was not for circulation but occupied a special place at the treasury. The treasury had a spirit hall where offerings could be made [...]