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June 2013

Korean Charm Teaches Chinese

Korean Charm Teaches Chinese thumbnail

Despite having invented the excellent phonetic writing system known as Hangul (한글) in 1443, Korea continued to use Chinese inscriptions on its coins until the early 20th Century. These inscriptions were written in a calligraphic style known as “regular script” (楷書). Old Korean charms also had their inscriptions written in the same style of Chinese [...]


Coins and Charms of the Shui Nationality

Coins and Charms of the Shui Nationality thumbnail

The Shui people (水族) are one of the ethnic minority groups who live mainly in the Sandu Shui Autonomous County (三都水族自治县) of southwest China’s Guizhou Province (贵州省). The Shui (Sui) are descendants of the ancient Baiyue (百越) who lived in the area of southern China and northern Vietnam beginning in the first millennium BC. “Shui” [...]