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February 2015

Chinese Numismatic Charms Museum

Chinese Numismatic Charms Museum thumbnail

The Chinese Numismatic Charms Museum (中国古代民俗钱币博物馆), China’s first museum dedicated specifically to ancient Chinese charms, officially opened on February 1, 2015 in Haikou (海口市), Hainan  Province (海南省). The museum is located in Movie Town which is a movie-themed town built to resemble the city of Chongqing (重庆市) as it existed in the year 1942. Chongqing [...]


Horse in Armour Horse Coins

Horse in Armour Horse Coins thumbnail

Horse coins (ma qian 马钱) originated in China during the Song Dynasty (宋朝 960 – 1279).  They were not used as money, however, but as game pieces. There are a great variety of horse coins.  Some display only a horse while others show both a horse and rider. Some horse coins have inscriptions which identify [...]