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January 2021

‘Chang Ming Fu Gui’ Plaque Charm

Chang Ming Fu Gui Plaque Charm (reverse side)

One of the most popular ‘good luck’ inscriptions found on old Chinese charms is chang ming fu gui (長命富貴) which is the wish for “long life, riches and honor”. “Chang Ming Fu Gui” pendant (plaque) charm Shown here is a Song dynasty (宋朝 960-1279 AD) pendant (plaque) charm sold in 2009 by Chengxuan Auctions in [...]

Chinese Villager Unearths ‘Old Coin’ While Digging Ancestral Grave thumbnail

‘Ancient Chinese coin’ discovered by villager while digging at ancestral burial site A recent newspaper article tells the story of a Chinese villager who decided to move his family’s ancestral graves to a place with better feng shui (风水). While digging, he accidentally uncovered an ancient coin. He had heard stories of people becoming rich [...]


Unusual Variations of the ‘Kai Yuan Tong Bao’ Coin

Unusual Variations of the ‘Kai Yuan Tong Bao’ Coin thumbnail

With the minting of the kai yuan tong bao (開元通寶) coin beginning in 621 AD during the reign of Emperor Gaozu (唐高祖) of the Tang dynasty (唐朝), almost 700 years of the continuous casting of the wu zhu (五铢) coin ended. Kai Yuan Tong Bao coin from the Tang dynasty The kai yuan tong bao, [...]

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