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Chinese Rock Art of “Feather Man” or Alien

Chinese Rock Art of “Feather Man” or Alien thumbnail

A giant boulder with a prehistoric carving of either the mythical Chinese “Feather Man” or an “alien from outer space” was recently discovered by archaeologists near a village in Guangdong Province. An article entitled “Guangdong’s Luoding Village Discovers Rare Rock Art” describes the rock drawing as a person wearing a helmet with a feather attached [...]


Hundreds of Spanish Silver Dollars Found in Dirt Pile

Hundreds of Spanish Silver Dollars Found in Dirt Pile thumbnail

According to a July 6, 2011 Chinese newspaper article, hundreds of old Spanish silver dollars were recently found in an abandoned pile of dirt. A villager walking down the street in Longhai Village in Fujian Province noticed something shiny in some dirt that had recently been dumped.  Picking the object up he realized it was [...]


Ancient Chinese “Piggy Banks”

Ancient Chinese “Piggy Banks” thumbnail

China has been using “piggy banks” for thousands of years.  While these ancient coin banks were not actually in the shape of a pig and were not primarily used by children, they did serve the purpose of storing coins. Coin banks, known as puman (扑满), were originally created as a means to enforce the laws [...]


Kazakhstan Zodiac Charm

Ancient Kazakhstan Zodiac Charm

I received a fascinating email from a visitor to my website from Kazakhstan in which he described a rare ancient zodiac charm in his possession. The Chinese zodiac is based on a twelve year cycle with an animal having unique qualities representing each year.  The zodiac charm discussed here has the animals displayed on one [...]


Piggy Banks Cause Embarrassment

An embarrassed government education department in Taiwan had to issue an apology in regard to piggy banks it had given some children. According to a report in The China Post, the mayor of New Taipei City held a “summit” for elementary school students on April 29th “to promote financial responsibility and planning for their future”. [...]