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Chinese coins

600 ‘Ming Knives’ from the State of Yan Unearthed in Hebei thumbnail

A villager in Pingquan County (平泉县), Hebei Province (河北省) accidentally discovered a buried clay pot containing about 600 specimens of knife money from the Warring States Period (475 BC -221 BC), according to a dispatch from the China News (中新网) dated May 3, 2013. Mr. Wang Yongtie (王永铁), the village chief of Guangxingdian Village (广兴店村), [...]

3,000 Tang Dynasty ‘Kai Yuan Tong Bao’ Coins Unearthed in Xinjiang thumbnail

Archaeologists have unearthed more than 3,000 coins dating from the Tang Dynasty in the ancient Silk Road city of Kucha (库车县) located in China’s far western region of Xinjiang (新疆维吾尔自治区).* The China News (中新网), in an article published on April 25, 2013, reports that the Kucha Bureau of Cultural Relics (库车县文物局) was informed of the [...]


Mystery Surrounding 100 Tons of Song Dynasty Iron Coins

Mystery Surrounding 100 Tons of Song Dynasty Iron Coins thumbnail

The People’s Daily (人民日报) on May 20, 2000 announced that Chinese archaeologists had unearthed a “mountain” of ancient Chinese coins in a field near the city of Cangzhou (沧州) in China’s northern province of Hebei (河北省). The initial discovery of the buried coins actually dates to 1997. The coins were made of iron and were [...]


Digging for Coins Despite Lurking Danger

Digging for Coins Despite Lurking Danger thumbnail

The ancient town of Ciqikou (磁器口) is part of the municipality of Chongqing (重庆) located in Southwest China. Ciqikou actually translates as “Porcelain Port” and the town gained prominence during the Ming Dynasty as a prosperous commercial port located on the Jialing River. The Jialing River (嘉陵江) is a popular spot for the residents of [...]


Admiral Zheng He and the Yongle Tongbao Coin

Admiral Zheng He and the Yongle Tongbao Coin thumbnail

Scientists have discovered a Ming Dynasty coin in Kenya that “proves China was trading with East Africa BEFORE Europeans arrived”, according to a recent newspaper article.  The report, which was carried by newspapers around the world, claims that the coin provides evidence that the famous Chinese Admiral Zheng He reached East Africa years before the [...]


700-Year-Old Coin Pit Discovered in Hunan Province

700-Year-Old Coin Pit Discovered in Hunan Province thumbnail

On February 20, 2013 workers digging at a construction site in Chenzhou City (郴州市) located in Anren Prefecture (安仁县) in the southeastern part of Hunan Province (湖南省) unearthed a money pit dating back some 700 years according to Chinese newspaper reports. The money pit contained approximately 7.5 kg of coins from the late Song (960-1279) [...]

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Chinese Coins and Bank Logos

Chinese Coins and Bank Logos thumbnail

Coins are one of the most easily recognized symbols of prosperity and good fortune and China, being one of the first countries in the world to use coins, has a monetary history going back more than 2,500 years. For this reason, ancient Chinese coin symbols have historically been popular for such non-currency purposes as fortune-telling, [...]

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Body Armor Made of Old Chinese Coins

Body Armor Made of Old Chinese Coins thumbnail

The Tlingit (特里吉特人) are one of the Native American people that live along the southern coastal region of Alaska and western Canada. They have long enjoyed a reputation for being skilled traders and competent warriors.  They have strikingly beautiful homes, carve large and imposing totem poles, and wear highly decorated ceremonial clothing made of bird [...]


Kaiyuan Tongbao Coins Unearthed at Fuhaiyuan Temple

Kaiyuan Tongbao Coins Unearthed at Fuhaiyuan Temple thumbnail

A large quantity of Tang Dynasty kaiyuan tongbao (开元通宝) coins were recently unearthed at an 1,100-year-old temple in Quanzhou (泉州), Fujian Province (福建省), according to a local newspaper report. Construction of the Fuhaiyuan (福海院) Temple in Anxi Prefecture (安溪县) began in the year 900 AD. The temple still has such ancient cultural artifacts as a [...]


The King of Qing Dynasty Coins

The King of Qing Dynasty Coins thumbnail

Although it is not included in most Chinese coin catalogs, this coin is known as the “King of Qing Dynasty Coins” (清钱之王). Chinese coin collectors refer to it as the “daqing one hundred” (daqing yibai 大清壹百). It is a denomination “100 cash” (壹百) coin cast at the Fuzhou (福州) mint during the reign (1850-1861) of the [...]


Chinese archaeologists recently excavated approximately 3,500 kilograms of coins, as well as more than 100 clay coin casting moulds, from the ruins of an ancient Chinese mint dating from the 1st Century AD according to several newspaper reports. The coins were found at a site in the town of Huoluochaideng (霍洛柴登) in Ordos City (鄂尔多斯) [...]


Zheng Lu Bridge Tokens

Zheng Lu Bridge Tokens thumbnail

Various forms of non-governmental currencies began to appear in the Changzhou (常州) area of Jiangsu Province (江苏省) during the early years (1939-1941) of the Japanese invasion and occupation of China (zhongguo kangri zhanzheng 中国抗日战争). These currencies were issued by various stores and individuals and only circulated in a very limited area.  They took the form [...]

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